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The “Should’ves, Would’ves, and Could’ves,” Oh My!

The Should’ves,Would’ves, and Could’ves , and What If’s, Oh My. They can drive you crazy, thinking of everything you could’ve done. As you replay in your mind every detail you could’ve changed, every word you should’ve said, every action you…

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Rock or Sand? You Pick.

“We can build our house on sand or we can build it on rock.”  To me, this is the quintessential learning lesson to living one’s life. We can buy the newest car, biggest house, most expensive clothes and make-up. We…

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The Springtime Chills

Spring is finally here! Well, kind of…. The daffodils are in full bloom, as they peak through frosted mulch. The sky begins to shift from gray to blue, though there’s a morning chill in the air. The days are becoming…

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The Power of Prayer

Now take what you want and leave the rest. This isn’t about singing hymns or actively repeating the rosary daily (though if that works for you, right on!). It’s about trusting in the flow of life—those constant ups and downs,…

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