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5 Easy Ways to Transform Your Health

A common misconception is that to be healthy, you have to totally ditch everything you’re currently doing and replace it with juice cleanses and marathons. That totally works for some people! But, for the majority of the population, it’s hard…

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3 Creative Ways to Stop Future Tripping

We all do it: envision the worst possible situation in the world and then obsess over it. This is called future tripping. One small thing can snowball into a cataclysmic event. Your boss gives you constructive criticism and the next…

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Poses to Change Your Mood

Yoga is beneficial in numerous ways. Some only practice to lose weight, but others know that the physicality of it is only half of why yoga feels so good. Different poses are linked to different parts of the body. Some…

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Want to Wake Up to Living?

Have you ever just felt like something was off in your life, but you had no idea how to pinpoint it? One instrumental part of our lives that we gravely underestimate is our environment: the people we surround ourselves with,…

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