February is officially here!

Though some may associate this shortened month with Leap Year and Valentine’s Day, others see only gray skies and dirty snow.

Do you want to turn your outlook on the month around?

Here are “Top 3 Positive Psychology Exercises” proven to increase happiness in just one week. Experiment with all and see how they affect not only your outlook on life but also your actions.

Within no time, you’ll start seeing February as on opportunity to binge watch rom-coms of Leap Year and Valentine’s Day with a box of chocolate and a clear mind. Goodbye gloom!



  1. Before you go to bed, write down three good things that happened during the day.
  2. Then, write down why each of them happened.
  3. Think about the impact these positive had on your day. How would you day have gone if they didn’t happen?
  4. Identify three strategies for continuing to live in a state of thankfulness, manifesting more positivity.
  5. Write down each time something good happens or actions you take to make a bad situation good.


  1. Think of someone who has done something kind for you who you’ve never properly thanked.
  2. In a letter, write down exactly what they did and the specific effect it had on your life.
  3. Write and rewrite it multiple times. Make it powerful and concise.
  4. Handwrite the letter or use calligraphy—be creative.
  5. Meet the person face to face and read them the letter.


  1. Review the list of 24 signature strengths listed below.
  2. Think of ways you already use your signature strengths.
  3. Brainstorm ways you can use them even more, writing down specific actions you can take.
  4. Commit to using your strengths in new ways this week.
  5. Carry a small notebook with you and write down each time you complete an action that utilizes your signature strengths. Share with a friend.



Jordan Nicholson graduated from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition where she studied innovative coaching methods, over 100 dietary theories, and practical lifestyle management techniques. She also is a certified yoga instructor (200 hr RYT) and has a Bachelor’s degree in Creative Writing from University of Iowa.