We’ve all been there. The alarm clock goes off, our hands snug underneath our pillows and our bodies in a ball with covers intertwined every which way. The last thing we want to do is rise and face the day. As we wake from our dreams, immediately we are pounded by thoughts of ‘to-dos.’

You have to make breakfast for your children, take the dog out, and make the coffee. You have to shower and send that email you never sent yesterday. What are you going to make for breakfast? What’s the date today; did you send in that bill? You can’t remember. You forgot to get eggs at the store, so you need to grocery shop after work. Now, you have to make a list because while you’re there you might as well get everything you need. What’s for dinner tonight? Should you defrost the steaks? But, you’ve been meaning to cut down on meat. Will you have time to cook? Maybe just get take-out.

All of a sudden, you’ve jumped to the end of your day when you literally just started it. Physically, you’re still in your pjs in bed, but mentally you are at the grocery store trying to decide if it’s worth the extra fifty cents to buy organic (it is)!
We’re all guilty though, especially if we sleep with our phones beside us. Creatures of habit, we check our phones instantly, almost thinking that if we start working at 6:30am by sending out emails, we’re accomplishing more. But, we’re not. We’re not allowing our bodies to fully come into themselves. We’ve just spent 6-8 hours (hopefully) sleeping. Our bodies have been horizontal, and our minds were shut off. Going from 0 to 75mph isn’t good for a car’s engine, and it’s definitely not good for our bodies.

So, how do remedy this? Baby steps. We can’t go from waking up with chaos to waking up enlightened, but we can alter certain things in our morning rituals to allow us to have a more blissful morning. We deserve it!

  1. Switch out your alarm clock

Being greeted with a loud beeping noise or iPhone’s preset alarm sound literally snaps us awake. There’s no gradual transition between sleeping and waking. It’s like a deer in the headlights—one second in total rest and darkness, another with light and stimulus. Try out a Wake-Up Light Alarm Clock ($27). This alarm clock uses a dim light to wake you up, as if the sun is peeping through your curtains. It takes 30 minutes to brighten to its full capacity so you are gently stirred. It also has the options of an ocean, rainfall, or meditative melody to be your wake-up call!

  1. Resting Reflection

So, again, baby steps. If meditation isn’t your thing or you’re sticking with the “I don’t have time” excuse, lying in bed and reflecting on what you’re grateful for can do the trick. Before you reach for your phone, lie in stillness and think of three things you’re excited about, that make you smile, that make you feel good and centered instead of out of control and manic! This has the ability to offset stress, and it takes next to no time. The physical act of lying in bed instead of jumping up quickly, let’s your body recalibrate.

  1. Postpone the caffeine

Now, I’m not saying give it up. Some studies have shown coffee to actually be good for you! But, instead of first putting coffee in your body (coffee filled with caffeine that makes your heart race and thoughts quicken), why don’t you first try drinking some water? Everyone’s guilty of not drinking enough water, so get your first cup in your system right when you wake up. Adding lemon is a great detoxifier as well as apple cider vinegar. Adding 1-3 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar to your water can aid in digestion, weight loss, and can increase energy! By drinking water before the dehydrating coffee, your body gets a chance to hydrate itself after a dehydrated sleep.

Three simple steps to having a more defined, thought-out, and (hopefully) blissful morning! Do you have a morning routine? Let Artemis know in the comments below!