Who We Are

Donna Deerin WardHi. I’m Donna DEERIN Ward and I am the creator of Artemis -The Art of Living. After working for 31 years in commercial real estate development, I decided to expand my life to helping other people explore their own interests and find what really makes them come alive. As a mother, wife, daughter, friend, Artist, yogi, mentor, teacher and coach – I have learned the importance of sprinkling the seeds of compassion in work and at home and spreading light, love and kindness wherever and whenever you are able.

My dear friend Barb Riley and my sister Cheryll have encouraged me for years to find my passion and live a purposeful life.  After many retreats, the inspiration of my very grounded children, women’s circles, friends and mentors my thoughts started turning to reality. My interests in art and yoga and fitness and spirituality all started circling around in my head.  I believe that we all have seeds that we are born with and depending upon which parts of ourselves we cultivate we can become a tree or a forest. The important thing is that we take our gifts and use them to the best of our ability and then share them with the world.

Today is a perfect day to start living and learning and becoming the person you are destined to be. What will you do with your one wild and precious life? Make yours a life of creative living through gardening , cooking, cleaning your house, playing music, dancing or writing or art or sports or relationships or putting together a fabulous outfit. Whatever you choose to do, do it with joy and love. I hope to see you soon.

Our Mission
Art*E*Mis was created with one thought in mind, how can we help inspire other people? Gift yourself the time to pause for reflection and tap into your own creative expression. An Oasis awaits you, providing the optimal space for the rest of the world to fall away, making room for you to open your heart and find your art. The Art of Living will allow you to explore your creative self. Our goal is to help you become the best you possible, in mind, body, and spirit.

We offer open art classes to explore your creativity, artist workshops, yoga, meditation, retreats, and life coaching.

Contact Us:

Artemis: The Art of Living
30 N. Main Street
3rd Floor
Red Lion, PA 17356
P: 717-870-2188