The only thing constant is change…
Change your perspective; change your life


Transformational Coaching is about co-creating a plan for clients to recognize that they have all the answers inside of them to bring about desired or necessary changes. Our clients work to change the way they view themselves and the world around them to create the life they imagine.

We help our clients change their perspective, assess their strengths, know their worth, discover their why, values and stories to take steps to achieve balance and success in their lives. We have two definite dates in our lives- birth and death.  We are the author and director of all the days in between.  Make your story an epic adventure!  We specialize in boosting self esteem, self confidence and turning Can’ts into CANS.


Professional Coaching is for new or transitioning Leaders seeking to inspire, motivate and foster growth in themselves, their organizations and teams.  Discover what you, as a Leader, already know intuitively: why you do what you do, how to showcase your strengths, how to create your vision, become more self aware of how you evolve personally and professionally and integrate both in how you show up in the world.

Go deep and do the inner work necessary for effecting change. Discover new skills, uncover a deeper understanding , and recognize what drives you to wake up and work… every day. Inspire others to do more of what makes you inspired.
Individual Day Retreats
as Opportunities for Leadership and Personal Development

There is something magical about taking the time to get away and unwind. Nothing beats feeling refreshed and clear-minded after a day or even a few hours of rest and relaxation. It clears the mind and replenishes our inner resources. Carpe Diem retreats emphasize the value of creativity, and this thread is woven into all of our offerings. Creative thinking and expression leads to open-mindedness and inner connection, and the delight of discovering and exploring new possibilities.

Our day retreats are customized trainings for those who are invested in enhancing their unique leadership skills. Learn the art of presence through movement, mindfulness training, and customized coaching concentrating on your desired outcomes as a leader and refresh your inner wisdom.

These day long retreats are designed for those seeking to take a timeout or to do some guided self exploration and personal coaching around a variety of topics including cultivating work-life balance, moving skillfully through a transition, or simply going deep to find what makes you really come alive. Through pathways of self-exploration , self-expression and a good dose of self-compassion, learn to listen to your inner voice or intuition. Experience a greater sense personal power, confidence and a renewed sense of spirit. When you listen to the voice within, and understand your individual personal potential, you also enhance your ability to support the people in your life and lead effectively. 9 am-5 pm . Lunch included.

Choose from a variety of activities: yoga, restorative aerial yoga, mindfulness practices, guided meditation, forest bathing, hiking, paddleboarding, painting and creative arts, journaling, and storytelling to help empower your journey into wellness and success in your life and work. Let your strengths and skills ripple out to your business, personal and community connections. 9 am-5 pm . Lunch included.

We are able to accommodate your desires with two unique locations; our urban oasis at 30 North Main Street in Red Lion PA or if your prefer natural surroundings, our 17 acre retreat center overlooking the Susquehanna River in southern York County is certain to awaken your senses , creativity and presence.
If you change nothing, nothing changes.
Explore what is possible. Call to reserve your spot.
Invest in yourself, invest in your future: $1250.
Payment plans available upon request.

About Your Facilitator: Donna Deerin Ward

Founder of Artemis – The Art of Living. Prior to opening this multifaceted creativity and movement center, she had a 32 year career in commercial real estate and development. She co-owned a company of nearly 50 employees, winning the small Business of the Year Award by Central Penn Business Journal before before selling the company in 2015. Outside of her work experience of mentoring employees in a family-owned business, she has also mentored many young women through the Lancaster Chamber of Commerce Women in Business program and Junior Achievement’s Young Women’s Futures Symposiums. Donna was recognized in 2012 by Central Penn as a Woman of Influence. She coaches and works in the realm of possibility and inspires people to start where they are and discover how to thrive and succeed. Donna completed her Leadership Coaching Certification Program at Georgetown University’s School of Transformational Leadership and is a member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF). Her experience in creating and completing projects, sales, team-building and leadership combined with her training as an athlete, certifications in power yoga, aerial yoga, Antigravity Fitness enable her to coach and mentor executives, individuals and teams to successfully communicate, collaborate and align themselves with their values,life purpose and vision.

Combining her experience in the areas of sales, team-building, taking projects to completion, and leadership as the co-owner of a commercial real estate development organization with her certifications in yoga, mindfulness, and grounding, she is able to coach and mentor CEOS and their teams, helping them transform and grow their businesses into the visions they started out with.

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