“You can’t always retreat from the world to a country house, the seashore, or the mountains. But it is always in your power to retreat into yourself.”
– Marcus Aurelius

  • Bonfire pit
  • Gazebo
  • Outdoor fireplace
  • Labyrinth
  • Kayaking and paddleboarding
  • Yoga and outdoor aerial yoga
  • Fresh healthy prepared homemade meals. Vegetarian and Pescatarian options available for those with dietary restrictions
  • Natural environment
  • Beautiful river views
  • Lodge-styled housing (eye masks, privacy screens, and ear plugs provided)
  • Spectacular sunrises and star gazing on a clear night

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Call: 717-314-0110

Personal Retreats:

Where Mind, Body and Spirit unite in a unique and sacred space. Dwell in possibilities. Unplug and reboot through yoga, journaling, art, mindfulness, reflecting. Commune with nature. Nourish your soul and tap into your own creative expression of the art of living.

“Wake Up To Living” Retreat

Learn to let go of what no longer serves you and embrace what you already have inside. Here, you can playfully discover activities that make you feel alive. We provide an oasis where Mind, Body, and Spirit unite in a unique and sacred space where our guests can dwell in possibilities. How do I wish to honor my body and my mind? Where can I make subtle changes in my thinking, my diet and my physical practices that may extend my life and increase my physical and emotional health? Learn what makes you feel alive as you explore different ways of being. Through yoga, journaling, painting, mindfulness, communing in nature and healthy eating, we offer our guests an opportunity to reflect, nourish their souls, and tap into their own creative expression. Together, we discover and embrace our own unique “art of living”.

Daily yoga, art projects, watersports (weather permitting), forest bathing, hiking and mindfulness practices are optional.

Limited to 8 participants. Prepare to connect, explore what makes you come alive, and leave refreshed with a new sense of vitality. This is perfect for a solo journey, a girlfriend getaway, family members, and friends.

Price: $1200 per person

Arrive 8 am Saturday, depart 8 pm Saturday.

“R & R Single Overnight” Retreat

Unwind and get away from it all . Create your own R & R Retreat focusing on disconnecting from the world and getting to know your own strengths and  long term vision and goals. Please note: Wifi will be available during limited hours for your use unless it is an emergency. This is to help you disconnect, so you can reconnect to yourself.

Activities may include:

  • Vinyasa Yoga indoor or outdoor (weather permitting) and outdoor Aerial Yoga
  • Hiking or walking
  • Forest Bathing, Meditation or Mindfulness instruction
  • Journaling, Art- painting ,drawing or crafting
  • Stargazing around a campfire
  • Creating a mind map or vision board
  • Observing wildlife in a natural environment
  • Great conversations

Price: Please contact us for pricing

1-8 guests

“Artist Creativity” Retreat

Explore art using all of your senses at our pristine natural retreat center located on 17 acres of land overlooking the Susquehanna River in Central Pennsylvania . What you see, hear, taste, smell, feel, sense, and experience will help get your creative juices flowing.

We begin our journey Friday evening as we taste and smell a colorful aromatic meal followed by creative activities to prepare sketches for your final project. Saturday we will take a brief hike after watching the colors of the sky in sunrise, noticing the feeling of the temperature on your skin or the wind in your hair, and notice the sounds of the creatures residing in the natural surroundings. Learn to create your personal nature journal with You may choose to gather some materials from nature to add to your art projects or use them as texture or tools. Your work of art will continue to evolve throughout the day. We will break for all meals and end the evening with a campfire and storytelling under the stars.

Sunday morning we will create a story about our creation to share during our show and tell after lunch.

yoga, hiking, mindfulness, and forest bathingare all included in your retreat but optional participation.

PRICING: $1200 per person

Arrive 8 am Saturday, depart 8 pm Saturday.

“Yoga and Hiking” Retreat

Spend a weekend in the great outdoors exploring different types of yoga and hiking and Forest Bathing in the woods and trails overlooking the Susquehanna River:

Begin your journey with an opening circle and gentle yoga class on Friday evening followed by a healthy meal and a campfire under the stars.

Saturday morning awaken with the sun and enjoy a gentle to moderate 60 minute outdoor yoga flow and a beautiful hike through scenic trails overlooking Otter Creek and the Susquehanna River before we break for lunch. Introduction to Forest Bathing in the afternoon followed by a hike where you can use your new skills to mindfully explore nature utilizing all of your senses. After dinner we will retreat to the fire pit and enjoy gazing at the stars as we share our stories from the days adventures.

Sunday morning we will offer morning meditation as the sun rises and outdoor aerial yoga before we nourish our bodies. We will enjoy our last hike as we walk slowly through the woods to a waterfall that empties into the Susquehanna River. After lunch we will walk the labyrinth and have a closing circle to conclude our weekend together.

Pricing: $1750

Arrive 6 pm Friday, depart 2 pm Sunday.

“Find Your Center on Land, in the Air, and on the Water” Retreat

Explore the Susquehanna River through hiking, yoga and stand up paddle board! Get acquainted with the Paddleboard by learning balancing postures floating on the water. Combine the river exploration and paddleboard yoga with yoga on the shore and you’ll have a fun and challenging weekend with lots of memories and laughter! This weekend of hiking , paddling and Yoga in nature is a retreat to remember.

Yoga on the earth, yoga in the air and Yoga on a paddleboard creates challenges of a physical practice with mindfulness and balance, bringing a sense of accomplishment mentally and physically. An active, challenging and fun retreat to reconnect with yourself and new friends exploring the great outdoors, while living healthy and learning new skills.

Beginners welcome!

PRICING: $1750

Arrive 6 pm Friday,depart 2 pm Sunday.

Corporate Retreats:

You spend 1/3 of your life at work. Imagine if one day the quote is changed to: “You spend 1/3  of your life doing what you love.” When work is play and play is work, your life suddenly changes. Do what you love and love what you do.

Get inspired.

At our business retreats, learn concepts that help you cement “Why” your company exists and “What”message you want to convey to your customers. Solidify your company’s values, build strength in your team and yourself, and create bonding opportunitiesfor your team members. Designed to create a greater understanding of  company values and the importance of individual growth to the team on individual growth.

We have two beautiful locations: 1) our home Studio in Red Lion PA or at our Retreat location in Southern York County along the Susquehanna River. What you can expect:

Each retreat is customized to meet the needs of your organization, company or team because no business is the same. Walk away relaxed, strong, confident and passionate.  Our business retreats are typically 4 hours or 8 hours long. These mini retreats combine mindfulness and movement, such as yoga, tai chi, forest bathing and hiking), reflection and team building exercises.  Light refreshments provided. Catered meals available at additional cost.

If you’re looking for a program that digs deeper and longer into your own personal desire for life changing results, we also offer one day or weekend retreats one-on-one with a coach. To see an example of a customized itinerary for the retreats or receive a proposal, please contact us…