Inside Artemis

“Transformation happens…when you take the time to pause, listen to your inner voice, tap into your creative expression and truly start Living.”


Artemis is a place for people to explore a new way of living and navigate life’s transitions.

When you rent our venues, we greet you where you are on your journey and are here to help you celebrate your achievements and milestones along the way.


Artemis-The Art of Living was created with one thought in mind… how can we inspire people? Artemis is a sanctuary for people that offers ways to tap into their own personal code for the “Art of Living.” Artemis encourages people to find peace and purpose in this ever-changing world. We support people in building strong foundations to design the life they imagine.

Fly with us, meet us on the mat, or celebrate your life achievements and milestones at any of our unique venue rentals.

Come as you are, leave as you wish to be…