Why Artemis?  Artemis is  the Greek Goddess of the hunt and wild animals, the wilderness, the moon and fertility.  She is often seen accompanied by a deer, sometimes a bear, the crescent moon and her bow and arrow.  Artemis is a protector of animals, children and the earth. Artemis represents strength, beauty, and passion.  She is a passionate mythological being.

Artemis was a virgin goddess and one of the Olympians. She was known to  forests and uncultivated land  hunting for wild animals and stags. In reality , she looked out for all beings  and promoted their reproduction.  as a young girl, Artemis asked her father Zeus to grant that she remained a virgin.  To her, being a beautiful vibrant tomboy virgin goddess  meant that she could enjoy all the benefits of innocent flirting and stay safe from heartache and being possessed by another in marriage.   What a gift to have a life that enabled her to be wild and free while simultaneously protecting animals and children. How can we enjoy life as Artemis did, whether single or married?

Artemis understood the art of living as the way that we show up in the world.  She was beautiful, strong, protective, spontaneous, loyal and ambitious.  Its good to know that we can be everything we want to be and create the life that we have always imagined.  As children we are carefree and uninhibited and we dream of outrageous lives that we will one day live.  Yet, as we experience life and loss and relationships , we  become  cautious and more self conscious.  Artemis not only was a free spirit but also a fierce protector who thought little about what others thought of her.  As children, siblings, parents, friends and spouses we learn how to protect the relationships that we value and pour our love into those same relationships.  At times, we look out for everyone but ourselves.  Perhaps its time to remember  your dreams and goals from when you were a child, a teen, a maiden, a mother and crone and see whether or not you achieved them or if it’s time to try something new and create updated dreams.  Maybe you will discover hidden talents that you never knew you had.

The  Art of Living is about seeking and  finding that perfect balance in life.   Balance is when the person we are in the inside is the same mirrored image that people see and know.   We owe it to ourselves to be  who we are completely.  It takes years to explore and experiment with careers, hobbies, family, friends, community service and spirituality.  Many times we have a very rewarding life but sometimes circumstances change.  Our kids grow up, our friends and relatives move or pass away, or  our careers shift.  The secret is to do what you love and love what you do.  Its that simple. We may look back and think we wasted time and energy on relationships and projects that didn’t work out. There is no such thing as wasted time.  There are lessons in everything we do or attempt to do. Remember that you cant move forward if you are constantly looking backwards. Once we focus on the things that bring you joy, we can let go of the things that no longer serve you.

Artemis The Art of Living is a place where you can reconnect with your soul and discover the activities that make you feel alive.  Feeling good and doing activities that make you feel good are  ingredients for a fulfilling life.  Perhaps take an art workshop or come to a monthly open art class to remember the joy of being creative.  Maybe you will find that you enjoy yoga, walking or a women’s circle.  Maybe you’d like to put on fairy wings and just dance to music.  Maybe you have a workshop you’d like to share with others.  Maybe you want to explore being mindfully unplugged.  Maybe you will join us in September and start to create your Art of Living.