Hold Fast and Come to Artemis

Feeling like we can’t do what we want.

Trapped as if we have no agency in the choices we’re making.

These are feelings that resonate with everyone at some point in their lives due to society’s standards, the pressure of the American dream, gossip columns and Hollywood glam hitting us from all angles.

Some people learn early to follow the beat of their own drum whereas others are late bloomers: slow and steady, but the reward at the end of the long, windy path is all the more fulfilling.

But, then there are those who walk in darkness, no guide, no path.

It’s an abyss. It’s like looking at the ocean.

Some people are marveled and amazed by the great expanse of the murky blue waves—how the horizon and the sky just meet and form a perfect line, even though there might be uneven and jaded storms out at sea.The expanse blue and great and offers the unknown, the excitement, a chance where we sit and stare and wonder who we are and where life will take us.

Flipside, there are those who look at the sea and see fear. An unknown that can’t be predicted, planned, or equated. Nothing adds up. Things happen, and we don’t know why. We’re paralyzed, hesitant to make moves, scared of who we are and what’s to come.

Yes, there are so many different people all who look at things differently, but in the end we’re all the same.


We’re searching for a place to feel whole. We’re searching for that puzzle piece that connects with our very soul. We all want it. And, it’s just one decision that takes some people towards their dreams and others away. It comes down to willingness and perseverance. It comes down to being crazy brave and ready to fight the good fight. This space, this holy ground of Artemis, is about that fight. Changing lives, feeling worthy, creating and breathing, being and seeing. For many of us, seeing ourselves for the first time. It’s not easy living in one’s alignment. And, often times we feel alone in that journey.

But, what would happen if instead of tunnel vision, only looking ahead at what serves us individually, we look to either side and see the massive amount of people who are moving in the same direction as us? No one will tell you that they don’t want to feel passionate about what they’re doing, loved in their relationships, whole in their silence.

At Artemis, a safe haven, we can find it. That thing that makes us tick, those traits we want in a partner, the colors that light us up, the aromas that get us out of bed.

At school we’re taught geometry. We’re taught how to conjugate a verb in French, what a pronoun is, the specific dates of treaties and wars, but we’re not taught how to love. We’re not taught how to listen to our intuition or to follow our dreams or, for that matter, even how to recognize what those dreams are. The beautiful space at Artemis, however, does.

Artemis is a school for all of us offering yoga, art, meditation, and music. And, if your dream stretches far beyond those offerings, ask and you shall receive. Artemis, the goddess of the hunt, searches for what she wants without fail.

We hope you do the same. We hope to guide you on your path to wellness and let you know you’re not alone on this crazy, rocky, rollercoaster of a journey, and to give you tips not on how to live your life but how to live whatever life it is that you want.

“Hold fast to dreams, for if those dreams die, life is a broken winged bird that cannot fly” Langston Hughes