We all know we have to limit social media during physical social gatherings, but for some reason or another many of us have no idea how to put down our phones, back away from the apps, and carry on a conversation!

With Christmas and the inevitable holiday parties of family and friends being just days away, isn’t it the perfect time to take a time-out from technology? Here’s a breakdown of some super easy tips to take your Holiday experience and memories from a virtual presence to a physical, meaningful one!

  1. Just don’t do it!

Have you ever heard people say, “why torment yourself with temptation?” Some people have a hard time seeing notifications and texts light up their phone without responding, but if you keep your phone out of sight and on silent you’ll have no idea that someone liked a picture of your Christmas tree! Therefore, you’ll be more likely to stay connected to the physical relationships around you instead of getting distracted by an Instagram one.

  1. Put your phone on “do not disturb.”

Everyone likes recording his or her memories through photos. Now, the likelihood of someone bringing out the ol’ disposable camera is unlikely. Instead, we just use our phones. Try putting your settings on “do not disturb.” This way you’ll be able to document your holiday without getting distracted by what your 400 other Facebook “friends” are doing.

  1. Post later!

The picture isn’t going anywhere. Try holding off on the filtering, editing, and posting right away! Pose for the photo with your family and then continue catching up over hot chocolate and Christmas carols.

See? Simple, basic suggestions on limiting technology during your Christmas day! Our culture is deeply immersed in over sharing and constant stimulation. It’s okay if it’s hard to put down the phone or keep the television turned off. What counts is the trying! Happy Holidays!