3 Easy Activities for Self-Care

Whether you spent Valentine’s Day snuggled up against your man or devouring a box of chocolates solo, it’s important to recognize the relationship that was most likely undervalued this holiday: yourself.

In most cases, we give our time, love, and energy to others, leaving just fumes for us to live on. But, ponder this: if you exhaust yourself, how does that serve anyone else?

In order to show up for others in your life, you have to show up for yourself. And, that’s not selfish! There is a difference between selfishness and self-care. Putting your health and wellbeing before others isn’t you not caring about them; it’s you caring about them enough to care for yourself.

We all know that meditating, sweating, and healthy eating fills the body and mind with goodness! But, do you want some other ways to easily and quickly recharge?

Here are three easy activities to do to show yourself some love!

1. Go on a walk: Forget your phone and music at the door. When you stroll, listen to your breath, the breeze in the trees, and the sound of the birds. Really be present with what is right in front of you. A brief little walk around the neighborhood without interruptions will give you the fresh air your body needs and a break that your mind craves.

2. Color in the lines: Adult coloring books is a thing now; take advantage of being able to be a kid again! Go grab some crayons, color pencils, and markers and let your imagination take over. Color in some patterns that are meant to calm you and allow your mind to drift.

3. Steep some tea or prepare French press: Turn this into a ritual. Whether coffee or tea is your jam, make it a process. Instead of throwing some Folgers in a pot, spend time grinding some beans or straining some tea leaves. Being present in that moment will make the cup taste that much better. Sit with it and read a book or watch the sunrise. Enjoy it instead of multitasking, getting ready in the morning or driving to work.

Jordan Nicholson graduated from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition where she studied innovative coaching methods, over 100 dietary theories, and practical lifestyle management techniques. She also is a certified yoga instructor (200 hr RYT) and has a Bachelor’s degree in Creative Writing from University of Iowa.