A common misconception is that to be healthy, you have to totally ditch everything you’re currently doing and replace it with juice cleanses and marathons. That totally works for some people! But, for the majority of the population, it’s hard enough to resist dessert at the end of a meal. Don’t think that becoming healthy has to be a huge challenge. Take it one step at a time and before you know it, you’ll realize that many of your bad habits will have disappeared on their own and it won’t even feel like work! Take a look at 5 easy ways to slowly begin transforming your health.

1. Add more greens

That morning fruit smoothie? Throw in a handful of spinach! It may change the color, but it definitely won’t change the taste.

2. Switch to dark chocolate

Who doesn’t like chocolate? Dark, however, has a more pure percentage of cacao that milk doesn’t. It makes a little more bitter, but after a few bites you’ll forget that milk chocolate even exists! Slowly transition the amount of pure cacao to 70%. The higher the percentage, the more ” healthy chocolate” benefits you’ll be getting!

3. Take the stairs

Tired of wasting time waiting for the elevator? Climb the stairs. Chances are you don’t realize how much faster it will be instead of waiting. You also sneak in some cardio throughout your day without having to pay for a gym membership. Who doesn’t like that?

4. Add a side salad

No one is telling you to stop with the side of French fries. But, just add a little salad to your meal and eat it first. Don’t give anything up just yet. Instead just add! You’ll realize that the salad helps fill you up so you won’t have as much room in your stomach for the meal you’re about to get that probably is a serving size for three people!

5. Get some sun

That’s right! Just step outside, and let the sun hit your face. The vitamin D will crank up that mood of yours, and the fresh air will encourage a big deep breath. You don’t have to stay outside for hours, but if you’re in a bad mood and haven’t been out of the house all day, it’s a surefire way to make that frown turn upside down.


Jordan Nicholson graduated from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition where she studied innovative coaching methods, over 100 dietary theories, and practical lifestyle management techniques. She also is a certified yoga instructor (200 hr RYT) and has a Bachelor’s degree in Creative Writing from University of Iowa.