Want to Wake Up to Living?

Have you ever just felt like something was off in your life, but you had no idea how to pinpoint it?

One instrumental part of our lives that we gravely underestimate is our environment: the people we surround ourselves with, the place we inhabit, the objects in our presence.

Our home and workplace play a crucial role in how we act, what we project, and what we internalize. Often, we have no idea until we remove ourselves from it that we can begin to identify what in our environment isn’t serving us.

Is it the dress that reminds you of your ex every time you reach into your closet? Is it that you love nature but live in a high-rise apartment miles from any trees? Could it be the toxic friend that calls everyday just to belittle you?

What if a place existed where you could just be? A place that is guaranteed to have other women thinking the same thoughts and sharing the same feelings. A place where you are surrounded by likeminded individuals, where your core beliefs align with others’. For the first time, you feel as if you belong, as if you’re not crazy for feeling afloat, adrift, ‘off.’ You can begin to self-explore and self-identify. You can begin to live. Though with research you can find retreats offered all over the country, the world for that matter, if you find yourself reading this, Artemis is the right fit for you.


Light streams through the treetops, a kaleidoscope of shadows rest on the forest ground. There is a mix of excitement and nerves dancing in your stomach, but the longer you drive, the longer you move forward, the more you’re engulfed in the woods, the more you feel the outside world dissolving around you. There are great big tree trunks that have existed for hundreds of years, that can tell you stories just by looking at them. The soil is soft, and it hasn’t rained but that anticipatory feeling that something is about to change is in the air.

You continue up a steep hill; you can’t see what’s over it. You can hear leaves dancing with each other, birds chirping that signal of Springtime- regrowth and renewal. As you come to the top of the hill, you wonder how a beautiful space could be kept so secretive. The land is green and holds a bonfire. You can see a river peaking through the trees. A house sits on the side, doors open, the space is sprawling. It offers more than just healthy food and a place to journal. The space offers possibilities; it offers an alternative way to see life the way you want to see it. Joined by other women, you begin telling them things you would never have imagined telling anyone. But, that’s the kind of place this is. Open. Accepting. Safe.

For just two days, you have the ability to begin to transform your whole life, to recreate your story, to instill new habits, to learn new things. You form a community that you’ll never not know. This is Artemis. This is the Art of Living.

Spaces are limited. Waking Up to Living Retreats are held Saturday 9AM- Sunday 1PM.

Accommodations are included.

March 10-11 

June 15-16 

September 8-9 

December 1-2 


Jordan Nicholson graduated from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition where she studied innovative coaching methods, over 100 dietary theories, and practical lifestyle management techniques. She also is a certified yoga instructor (200 hr RYT) and has a Bachelor’s degree in Creative Writing from University of Iowa.